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My Out of Body Experiences - 1 Dec 2002

The most disturbing OBE yet.

I left my body. As I was about to exit room through the window, I remembered the 'reality check', so I went back, asked 'Clarity now' and looked at the book I've left open. The images looked like in the comic book (when I got back, I checked and that didn't seem right, since pics are actually photos).

Anyway, after that I went out the window and walked on the grass for a few seconds. Then I said: "I experience my true essence".

Movement started, I flew forward and upward. Several times I had to use my hands to avoid hitting wires and branches.

Eventually I got there. The scene reminisced "The Matrix", though I didn't think of it at a time. There were hundreds of tables, stacked on top each of other, with a microwave on each one.

Well, my essence was.. soup being warmed up in a microwave. On the microwave there were stickers with names and birth/death dates. There were about 10 of them. I've looked for mine, and finally found it - it was covered by a magnet. The name was right: "Andrei Zaitsev". Month and year were right too: 09/1970.

Instead of day it had 1-30 and some explanation why it could have been any day of the month.

Next to my name was another person's - his death date was listed as 8/28/1970.

There were some notes about me there - what I remember is - "He is funny when he is cornered". (This does have meaning for me, since I've been bullied at school).

It also said "In some life scenarios he may have a death wish".

Next to the microwave was a table with personal belongings. I've recognized some of the books I have in waking life (can't remember them now) and the wallet I carry now.

When I got back into body, I really didn't want this to be true. It reminded me of Robert Monroe's experiment where he found out that Earth is controlled by aliens and we are all working on a "pumping station".

I think it may be worthwhile to repeat the experiment and see if results are different.

Also, perhaps rewording the affirmation from "true essence" to "I experience higher self" or "I feel the spirit of God" may produce more inspiring results.

Also, the affirmation: "I move to the next level" could be fruitful.

Anyway, now that I think about it, perhaps what I've seen is merely a metaphor for reincarnation. Spirit entering bodies is like people standing in line to use a microwave. Perhaps this crude metaphor was used because I was at the level closest to the physical.. who knows.