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My Out of Body Experiences - 1 Jul 2005

This morning was my first OBE in quite a while. I've had some sporradic ones since my last record, but wasn't working to induce them consistently. This was caused in part by my addiction to the MMO games - when going to bed late, there's no time to spend an hour or so trying to induce an OBE. Also, drinking beer nearly every day seemed to inteterfere with an ability to project.

About a week ago I've listened to the Celestine Prophecy audio book again and felt a renewed interest in self-improvement. Since then, I've been beer-free for 6 days (knock on wood), actively continued translating my diaries and resumed regular attempts to induce an OBE.

This morning I was successful. Before going to sleep I was doing exercises from the Astral Dynamics book, mentally stimulating energy pathways in my body. I got to a point of feeling vibrations, but not enough to project. In the morning, I continued, as well as affirming "Vibrations getting stronger, I am floating up" (this is 2 affirmations in one, the idea is - when the vibrations get strong enough, the "floating up" part will take effect).

All this time I was lying on my back and eventually got tired of the exercise. So, I've turned to my side and decided to enter OBE via a lucid dream instead. However, soon after that, I've felt that vibrations are strong enough, so I've said "I am floating up" again and was able to leave the body.

At this point I've remember that I have a "reality check" experiment waiting to be completed. There's a open book sitting on top of my book shelf. I opened it on a random page without looking. The goal was to try to determine the page number while OBE. I've done similar experiments before, without success. This time I wanted to try a new affirmation: "I see things as they are", so that I could see actual physical reality.

I said the new affirmation and floated upwards to look a the book. The page number was changing, I had to focus on it hard and and repeat affirmation few times to finally be able to read it. The number was 142. Later, when I got up and checked book, I discovered that this partucular page doesn't have number at all, just illustrations. The preceding page was actually 156. So, it appears that the remote viewing experiment was no-go once again. If anybody has suggestions on how to make it happen, please let me know.

Next time I am out of body, there are some additional commands I'd like to try: "I meet my father" (he's passed away) and "I meet my soul mates" (according to a reincarnation book, this is group of souls who are close during many lifetimes).

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