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I woke up an hour early this morning, watched some TV, started getting drowsy again and turned TV off. After few minutes between awakeness and sleep, I've felt my body being numb and affirmed "I am floating up". Shortly after I was out of body.

I then used "Clarity now" command to enhance the vision. I flew around my room for a bit, admiring how similar it is to the physical version. However, similarity wasn't complete - my physical room has photo model posters - but when I inspected them close in OBE, they looked more like caricatures.

Then I said "I move to the next level" and closed my eyes. The spinning started and lasted for ~10 seconds. When it stopped, I found myself in a darkened court room. People in robes were crowded in a corner, talking to each other and glancing at me.

I approached one of them and we talked. He said that my ability to perceive non-physical used to be stronger, but got weakened since my parent's didn't encourage it. Something made me wonder whether he is a normal person, who is astrally projecting at the moment, just like me. He said that he is and said that I can contact him by email using his address at (when I woke up, I checked this domain - cybersquatters got it).

At this point the door blew in and soldiers entered the room - they looked like Richter's gang from Total Recall. I thought that it's time to get out of here, so I said the "next level" command again. After it worked, I was in pretty expensive room with glass walls. I went outside, it looked like downtown. A triple-decker bus was passing by, I got in, walked around and was surprised that inside there was a section with kittens for adoption.
Then alarm clock ended this experience.