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My Out of Body Experiences - 20 Nov 2002

Had a series of nigthmares. Eventually got up to use the 'change your body, change your dreams' method - took some aspirin, put a cold compress on my head, turned out soothing background music, etc.

Here are the nightmares:

I am being hunted. Eventually I figure our a way to fly and break away from my pursuers. I run into a house that's being finished built. I though I could go through it, but I once I am inside, I see that the other wall is nearly finished, can't pass.

I am invisible, try running around, but they build up evidence against me and find way to track me. I am busted.
I am in a world where Satan is worshipped. During the ceremony a super-monster is supposed to eat Satan.
I am in an ice-cream store, where they are doing customer endurance test. They are trying to mess up as much as they can to see how much we will take.
I buy a ticket to a boat, thinking the boat stop is right outside a store. Turns out it's God knows where, I miss the boat.
I am supposed to meet a visiting tennis player. I get the name wrong, drive around town trying to set things right and fail.