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Out of Body Experience journal
My Out of Body Experiences - intro

I've come from an atheist background. Back in Soviet Union, where I lived first 20 years of my life, materialism reigned. God, miracles, anything else paranormal was either dismissed as superstition or covered up.

This was the basis for my beliefs until a day I've met Jack. He was unto metaphysics, hypnosis and out of body experiences. I've listened to him, but even as I did, my inner skeptic was louder, saying "This cannot be, because this could never be!"

Then, I've began the path of self-improvement. Learning that I am the one responsible for my own state of mind and happiness was an amazing revelation - so obvious, yet I didn't think that way before.

As I began listening to self-help tapes and reading books, I noticed that my level of motivation varies greatly. One day I was passionate about growing and learning, next day I felt apathy. This suggested to me that my own mind and willpower may not be quite enough to keep me going. There had to be an external source of Energy I could tap into - and by that time I was pretty sure it wasn't other people.

Even though I wasn't used to the idea, I've began thinking that there must be more to this world that meets the eye. Several events helped me to begin accepting metaphysical worldview into my life - main ones being conversations with Ada, reading Celestine Prophecy and learning about Science of Mind.

Several years ago I've begun having Lucid Dreams and enjoyed them tremendously.

Then, my first Out of Body Experience happened.

That night I was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep. Radio was playing and I thought that the sound is preventing me from sleeping. So, I reached for the stereo and turned it off. Then I realized that I only imagined doing so - music kept playing. I did this again and again, with no result.

I began getting frustrated, but then an idea came: "If I can move my hand mentally, what if I actually get out of bed the same way?". I did this and it was a strangest feeling - as if I was a helium-filled balloon. It was hard to stand and maintain balance. I was out of body!!!

I went to explore my apartment and was startled when I realized that I went through the wall without feeling anything. Few minutes later I've felt being pulled back - the picture in my eyes looked like hyperspace in Star Wars... whoosh!!! ... and I've found myself back in bed.

Since then I've had numerous Out of Body Experiences. They have a special meaning for me, since I am yearning to get a proof that soul is immaterial. I'm not quite there yet - for example I was not yet able to visit my friends while out of body. In fact, it often seems that the world I see when in OBE begins to differ from the physical one the farther away from home I get.

Still, I am having great time and I'd like to share my experiences with you - enjoy!