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My Out of Body Experiences - 20 Dec 2002

My Out of Body Experiences - 20 Dec 2002

In the morning, I lay on my back, begin to feel vibrations. I imagine myself being in a river - and vibrations get stronger (interesting, last time I've achieved the same by imagining rolling in a grass.. I haven't read anywhere that visualization can be used to strengthen vibrations).

Anyway, I declare "I am rising up" and begin moving out of body. Once I am out, I ask for "Clarity now" and approach my table. Before I went to bed, I've left 4 pieces of paper with different geometric shapes on this table. I look at the top one and try to make out the shape. Instead, it looks like it's covered with little cartoon pictures.

I then exit my room through the window and find out myself on the lawn. The feeling of being outside and OBE is pretty exhilirating - I want to just stand there for a while and savor the moment. So, I do.

Later, I remember that my alarm clock may go off soon, so I decide to proceed. I affirm: "I move to the next level". Spinning motion begins and I close my eyes. For a long time, I feel spinning and then it stops. I open my eyes and see that I am still in my lawn, but the house has changed - it has gotten more expensive. Somebody tells me that my parents are better off in this world and they've saved up 15 million for me. I look closer at the house and notice that even though it's expensive, front window is broken.

I ask "Move to next level" again. I am still in front of my house, but landscape becomes more futuristic. Most trees are gone and a familiar guy passes up in what seems like a hover car. Then I meet my mother and try to find from her about myself in this world. She says that I work in a Talk Radio. I think that it's an interesting possibility and try to find out more. She gives me the list of classes I have taken in college on this world. Aside from familiar math classes, I see courses in acting and religions.

Then my 'double' from this world appears. I talk to him, trying to find out if he's happy. He says: "No, I am bored, the fun is gone". I tell him: "Hey, I have the same problem!". He asks me: "Who are you?". I lead him to the mirror to show how alike we are and I am surprised to find out that we are not that similar-looking. I tell him: "I am you from parallel world". He doesn't seem convinced, so he goes to the den and locks the door.

I decide it's time to move on, so I ask "I move to the next level" again. I find out myself in a room with pretty wallpaper that seems to move and change. A song about God is playing - seems to be based on a chant: "Oh, me and God are one, God is all there is; Oh, I am feeling love, I am feeling peace" - but has other words in it as well. I feel absolutely elated and happy. For a while I just enjoy being there, then I peek outside the room to see if there's more.

There is! Outside there's a small creek and I jump in, laughing in joy. After I cross the creek, I see a small hill, covered with pretty stones. I climb the hill and find myself on the top.

I see a big building with a fountain in front of it. I walk on the water and approach the building. I am surprised to find people there, even some familiar faces. At this point experience turns a bit embarassing/dream-like: I find out that I am wearing nothing but underwear, so I am hesitant to go into the building. Then I go in anyway.

People stare at me. One man makes a gesture with his hand, to signal: "Have you been drinking?". Security guard begins chasing me. I fly up the stairs and out the door to the roof. I close the door behind myself and hear him yell: "You've lost your building priviliges". I raise into the sky and reply: "I'll be back!". At this point, the alarm clock brings me back.