Listening to Enya's "Anywhere Is" at a higher level.

"I walk to the horizon and there I find another (horizon?)" - how
the challenges/discoveries are ever new.

"It all seems so surprising" - the confusion of being here
"and then I find that I know" - the sudden clarity of higher energy level

"You go there, you're gone forever" - death, nobody comes back so they cannot
tell us what's there.
"I go there, I lose my way" - how hard it is to stay in the spiritual realm.
"We stay here, we're not together" - but being in material, there's no unity
among people.
"Anywhere is" - "the presence is in everything"

"The moon around the ocean is swept around in motion
But without ever knowing the reason for it's flowing"
The material world doesn't know why it runs the way it does.
And why it runs at all.

"... and I still keep on going" - I am the same way, I keep moving
on, even though I may not see the grand design yet.

"I wonder if the stars sign the life that is to be mine" - is there
really a divine guidance I can follow ?
"and would they let their light shine enough for me to follow" - is it
possible to get in touch with spiritual long enough to get the direction ?
"I look up to the heavens, but night has clouded over.." - again, how
hard it is to maintain the energy level, to remain connected.

".. the echo of their story, but all I hear are low sounds" - while being
at the lower vibration level, all I can hear is the superficial, the apparent.

"but should I be believing that I am only dreaming" - is life indeed a dream ?
Happening slower than regular night dreams, but a dream nonetheless ?

"in hopes that I can still find the way back to the moment" - learning
to stay in the present.

"it's either this or that way, it's one way or another" - the temptation
to see things in black in white, to judge.
"it should be one direction" - wouldn't it be nice if the road to God
was clear, unambigous and universally apparent ?

"I might be just beginning, I could be near the end" - trying
to see how for I am in soul's evolution.