Why there *is* a God.

(Using the pre-supposition to come up with the reason why
he indeed exists).

* Because otherwise the material world doesn't make much sense. Too
pointless. What could be the point of striving forward ?

* Because Fear exists. The Fear that's not based on any objective evidence.
It could be a Fear of Separation with God - uncertainty about something
that cannot be proven.

* Because every person has a talent and strives to be creative => to be
more like Creator.

* Because the energy does not disappear - what was there before the Big
Bang ?

* Because every religion has commonalities - where would these come from ?

* Because many people have inklings of something greater - regardless of
their upbringing.

* Because people yearn for the connection with others - that is, to realize
that everything is connected!

* Because nature has intelligence. How could seed possibly know how to grow
into a tree ? It *knows* because in addition to matter, there's the
energy/intelligence that guides it. And it doesn't matter that the seed is
small - being immaterial, energy is not concerned with space limitations.

* Because the stories of kindness can invoke such a profound feeling. Like
in resonates with the very Core of the being. What's in the Core ?

* Because there's a Flow - people and events fitting together perfectly.
What are the chances of a jigsaw puzzle appearing by chance ? Pretty much
non-existent. It's another matter when a complete picture is broken into a
billion pieces - they look totally separate, but there's a way they could
fit together.

* Because there's a way motivation and love can appear seemingly out of
There's a way to "recharge" without draining energy from other people. Where
does it come from ?

* Because so many different books and teachings speak of the same concepts.
Unless there's was a bigger Truth, how could so many different people come
up with the same realizations ?

* Because of psychic phenomena (need more evidence on this one).